Panama Steel Products is a producer of high quality heavy equipment.

PFS 3200 - Panama Finish Scraper 32'

It's heap capacity is 28 yards Comes standard with double laser. End caps come slandered with a 7' replaceable slide bar. The transport wheels are road quality high speed bearings and hubs 22.5 truck tires to handle the weight at high speeds.

The beautify of this blade is that it will not leave ruts in spongy ground. While still bringing 16 yards of dirt with it. Because it drags the dirt instead of carrying like many ejector finishing scoops. It allows the dirt to fall immediately instead of an ejector pushing it out. Which is beneficial for fuel consumption because you can drive faster which saves time and fuel.

All units come with easy folding tongue system that allows one man to unpin stabilizer arms and repin arms for secure transport.

Tires - 22.5 x 16.1
Hubs - 8 lug AG
Front tool bar - 8x8 square tubing.
End caps - 3' x 6'
Weight approximately 15000 lbs